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From sketch to bottle

A while ago I was asked by the food producer ÖNOS (a brand under Procordia Food) to make one of their labels. They are a producer of delicate syrups and jam. There were allready several products in the product line so the illustration had to resemble the others. The new taste of rhubarb syrup was produced in the middle of the cold winter and there were no rhubarbs in sight in the store. I had to by some stockphotos to be able to remember how a rhubarb actually is constructed.

After some different mockups and sketches I found a nice disposition suitable for text and design of the label. I put one of the rhubarb  stems so it followed the “V-form” in the bottom of the label.
It´s nice to see a lot of them in the supermarket and of course I had to buy one of them .-)

The illustration was sketched and scanned into photoshop to be colorized.

And finally the label in use:


Last week of april 2010

The week has passed with great speed as usual. Time to sum up what happened in the studio.
Sanna typed all the balloons for all the comics  for Donald Ducks Summerspecial (Kalle Ankas Sommarlov) with unbelievable speed and accuracy as usual. 36 pages of pure comics! In the meantime I have worked with the rest of the issue, 16 pages of activity puzzles and cover. Now it´s time for me to put in all the “BOOOM”, “ZAPP” and “BADAAAM”-words wich is great fun but takes a lot of time.

An internal AD for the issue was also needed and after a little thinking I managed to find an (IMHO) nice design for it. Uploaded to Egmonts ftp-server in several sizes.

Peter and I (very much mostly Peter this time) have completed an assignment for Visma with their client magazine Vismagazine. Another interesting number, I hope.

I ‘m in the middle of production of four new pages of children activity puzzles for Hemmets Journal. They are due to next week.

A 10 meter E-TTL cord and three E-TTL radio triggers refuse to be delivered from Hongkong due to the volcano ashes. I´m very curious about the triggers (Pixel TR-332 Remote Triggers) and I hope to be able to use them instead of the too expensive TTL  Pocket Wizards, both in the studio and on location. And when needed, also to trigger the Speedlights (hence the TTL-function). Thanks David Hobby aka the Strobist, for the tip!

A little upload to the Stocksites of random pictures (some of them shown above) were made. To iStockphoto, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Bigstockphoto and Fotolia. I have yet to tag and categorize them.

Well, that´s it for this week, I believe.

Not to forget some meetings and a lot of delicious coffee from our fantastic new Nespresso machine! This was another good week in the studio!



The little heart

Have been working on half strength for a while. Got help on the hospital this week.

Dramatic for me – routine for the surgeon. Found a picture from last autumn I thought was illustrative for this.
(50mm @ 1.8, 1/200sec,  gold reflector)