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After workout med Emelie

En fotodag var inplanerad, några veckor i förväg. Modellen Emelie var bokad, plats och tema var klart. Vi skulle fota till bildbyrån på temat “återhämtning efter träning” – After Workout – stretching och återställning av vätskebalansen. Det enda som nu skulle funka var vädret. En solig och klar höstdag hade passat bra. Tyvärr var vädret inte av samma åsikt. Det blev svinkallt, blåsigt och duggregn. Det är segt virke i Emelie och kamerautrustningen är hyfsat vädertätad så vi körde ändå. Med början i parken fick vi lite lä men när vi senare fortsatte ute i Västra Hamnen var vinden såpass sträng att allt vad reflektorer eller fotoparaplyer heter fick ligga kvar i väskan. En blixt på högt stativ fick då och då vara stand-in för solen. Vi avbröt lite tidigare än tänkt. Men Emelie levererade i kylan trots tunna träningskläder och utan att näsan blev allt för röd, och vi fick ett antal bilder.


Close up shots of a TREK in warm evening light

I took the chance to explore the HiTec parts of a brand new Trek 7,5 FX WSD. Late evening sunlight and a silver reflector gave the warm tone on the very special red color of the bike. Almost like raspberries.


Weekend fun with the lensbaby

Having fun and playing around with the lensbaby out in the garden.


Food product shots

Every now and then I have the delicious assignment to shot food and products for the food blog “Veckans Middag“. Most often this emanates in a tremendous hunger and a lively salivation. (Wich is good for the teeth my denstist tells me). Here are some pictures newly shot.

Playing with available light only (and some reflectors), outdoors and indoors.

Here Cloetta´s Royal wedding edition chocolate. (The Wedding Chocolate) With blueberries and lingonberries! Among other delicious ingredients! If you happen to see some pieces of chocolate missing in the product shot I know nothing about it!

Product shot

The fine italian ecological wine Dolce Vita Monica no 3745

Zeta, the fine brand of olives, oil and vinegar.

Zeta Oliver med olika smaker


Some food portraits

Sill i glas

Not much happened in the studio this week, actually. Starting up a new isue of a comic magazine I produce twice a year. “Kalle Ankas Sommarlov” (Donald Duck´s Summer) An extra issue published all over the summer. A mix of cartoons and activity pages.

Looking for cartoons to the issue (I´m not drawing the cartoons, just choosing from Disneys bank of cartoons), planning the layout, thinking of a cover. Mostly administrative work in the startup. Nice and calm.

Going to do some food shots next week and I was browsing around my pictures to get some ideas of lighting. Maybe there will be enough available light through the windows to skip flashes?

Here are some pics I found in my archive. I really like to shoot food. Trying to make it look like available light.

food details

My brother is a talented potter. This is  part of a collection of coffee cups in his studio window.

product shot of cups

(food styling; Sanna Ohlander)


Bert Stephani´s – Motivational Light DVD

Belgian photographer Bert Stephani´s DVD “Motivational Light” is finally here ready for orders or direct downloads.

“Its about how to find, shape and create light so it becomes the most powerful story telling tool.”

In his DVD, Bert is sharing his experiencies from all his exploring with light and lightmodifiers.

I really like his humourous way of presenting lightning ideas on his Youtube channel “Confessions of a photographer”. I believe this DVD will go on in the same cozy style. And it´s allways good to watch other photographers way of work.

This is one of the sneek peeks:

Congrats and good luck to you Bert!
I´m really looking forward to sit back in the couch and watch :-)



Illustration to photo

Its so hard to describe an idea of a picture with just words. I try it occasionally. And it often shows up that I gave the wrong explanation, or simply the client visualized it another way. Then its nice to have some kind of visual idea of what a picture would look like. To be in sync with the client, even a loose sketch on a napkin can make the two of us think the same way. And I am not depending on the clients ability to interpret me.