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When light comes in right

The studio is located in a very old building, the kind of building that has very deep windowsills. The window in the kitchen is right towards north. In a special time of the day, in a special time of the year, when the sun comes through a thin layer of clouds, it shines on the wall of a fairly high building to the opposite our kitchen window. The building has a warm, almost pink surface which is reflecting the light through the fairly dirty window which delivers a very rich, soft light.

That kind of  light occured yesterday and luckily we happened to have some products perfect to be shot in this kind of light:  A friend of my wifes has a nice business on Sicily, Citronodlingen, (The Lemon Orchard), at the foot of Etna. My wife had recently got some products sent to her from Citronodlingen  for testing out and  to tell about on her food blog.

This time it was chocolate, lemon cream, artichoke paste, and fantastic dried chili seeds.

The wall in the windowsill made a perfect backdrop and the light falling in through the window gave these jars with their delicious content a nice soft shine.

The Crema di Limoni is  a complete success! And so is the Paté di Carciofi & Mandorle.

A tiny silver reflector to lighten up shadows a bit was all that was needed to get a good exposure here. I really like this light and I wish the window was four times bigger …


TFP, Portfolio and Stock with Mariam

A while ago I was lucky enough to do a shooting with Mariam. A truly talented musician. And an overly talented model as well. We shot several scenes in different lightning, but our main purpose was to make pictures in a 1970-1980:s stylish, soul inspired way, with clear light and strong colors.

It´s real fun to shoot  on blownout white background.

The images are going to be used as portfolio for Mariam, in my portfolio,   maybe be  used on  a coming album, and part of them sold on stock. And every other use that may show up.

To our help we also had Sandra, a really skilled stylist, working hard all day.

We had also planned for some really moody, dark pictures with an on stage-feeling.

Lots of Photoshopping…

Mariam in moody jazz shot


Product shot on white

I really like to shoot products on white. No clipping paths. The shadow shall be real. I like to set the lightning so it just needs a little fix in photoshop to be really white. A swedish customer, SBM Fordon, needed some of their products shot for advertismement purpose.

OK! It´s for nerds! I know! But it´s fun! Here is a lighning scheme!


Do we need more pictures?


I love pictures! I believe we all do! Pictures are everywhere, all the time! Champions and masters in memorizing recommend us to visualize in pictures to be able to memorize strange combinations of numbers and such things. Then pictures simply must be good for our brains! Just think of all pictures that have been made since the beginning of picture (when was that?). Everybody is sometimes drawing and photographing something. Sometimes I think everything has been drawn or photographed already, bearing in mind how many pictures are being made each day. By amateurs and by pros. 24-7! But I may be wrong.

Often when starting a new photo or illustration project for a client I check up whats available on iStock or Shutterstock or maybe I Google it. First impression is often that everything of that topic has been covered. (When designing a brochure or similar for a cost sensitive client its often sufficient with some good stockphotos.) But taking a closer look of whats available it shows that there is always  a need for one more picture. A search on a stockphoto site for “woman, bicycle, outdoors” can give 2 000 – 4 000 hits! That´s a lot! There is a picture for most needs. But if I want a specific environment, color of the bicycle, clothing on the woman, lightning situation or anything else specific, it may have to be one more picture made! Luckily!

Do we need more pictures? Of course! Definitely! Let´s go on and make pictures until exactly everything is pictured!