Cecilie, corporate/freelance portrait

The other day I had the oportunity to shoot sweet Cecilie, who wanted to update her stock of portraits for use at presentations,  lectures, seminars and press. Smart! I truly believe in the power of some good, updated,  personal pictures to use in this ocasions.  There are serious bloggers/facebookers/lecturers updating their portrait picture stock twice a year. At least. This way not only the contents of their work is constantly updating but also the graphics. Nice and convincing.

“Coorporate, Cecilie Stranger-Thorsen, independent media consultant based in Malmö, Sweden

She works in all of the Scandinavian countries, focusing on cross-media and media education projects, arranging seminars, writing and lecturing.”  She is also a witty facebooker with a lot of humor.

It´s easy to get inspired by David Hobbys STB (Shoot The Bloggers) project wich he just started, but have several interesting thoughts about. In short, the idea is to shoot freelance corporate portrais while you get the opportunity to pull the camera trigger and experiment with ideas of portraits on different personalities. It´s a win-win!

We had fun and altered between full stdiolightning, available light in the studio and mixed speedlight/daylight. All this to get a broad range of pictures useful to Cecilie in several occasions.

Luckily the studio has three large windows at northwest and if the weather is good they provide a nice, soft natural light to use. In worst case there is one or two huge trucks parking outside the windows, delivering beer, wine and food for the restaurants in the block. The only chance to get decent light then is to trigger the Elinchrome studiogear…


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